Point of Service Software For Florists

Being a florist and trying to operate a flower shop or e-commerce business is complicated. Duties include taking orders over the counter, over the phone, and online, organizing deliveries, ordering perishable inventory, and dealing with customers from off the street. In between all that, there is the duty of arranging flowers into stunning bouquets, wreaths, sprays, and baskets. Any type of tool or service that can help streamline the business and automate operations is well worth considering.


Software that works at the point of service (POS) is designed to record and track information that will help florists be more successful, save time and money, and increase customer loyalty. Every business owner knows it is more cost-effective to keep customers than it is to replace them. Loyal customers are also the best marketing tool a business can have. Attracting new customers via word of mouth is a priceless commodity. Software is only beneficial if it is powerful and easy to use.


No business saves money if software requires new systems to operate. FloristWare, which is a company that provides a POS product of Software For Florists, is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It also integrates with most floral commerce websites and top credit card processing vendors. The reporting tools can be used to drive business improvements, help employees become more efficient, and increase revenues.


Cost is not the most important consideration, but it is a realistic one especially for an independent business owner. A free trial of the software is available for download to allow owners to determine if the service is right for the business, so there is nothing to lose. After that, owners can cancel or decide whether they want to pay on a monthly or annual basis. There are no contracts to sign and no hidden fees.

The cost is a flat rate per station. Owners who select the annual payment option will save twenty percent off the total monthly payments each year. Another advantage is the use of an additional station free of charge on Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Visit the website for complete details on each payment choice.