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Where to Live as a Freelancer

There are some areas which are very good for freelancers while others are not so great.Nonetheless, personal preferences is the main determinant.In case you are a digital nomad or you are looking forward to becoming one, then you will need to make sure that you check out some places while travelling.Whatever your preferences are be it concerns, public safety, great internet or great nightlife, we have you covered. This article will offer you with some of the best places for freelancers and you might even end up settling permanently in them.

Austin, Texas is one of the best place for a freelancer to live.

Austin happens to be the fourth largest city in Texas and it is now a paradise.In case you are a freelancer looking for the Texas weather which is very classic, the super restaurants, music venues as well as coffee shops, then you will need to ensure that you check out Austin city.As far as self-employment is concerned, Austin becomes the home to most of the freelancers who are well paid.The only city which surpasses this is the san Francisco city which happens to have a very high living cost to even when pampered to the standards of the rich.It is also in Austin where the freelance conference is held.

Nashville’s, Tennessee is the second city shih could be a good one for you.Nashville happens to be a great place to pay a visit to and also live in.It has so many spaces for cooking as well as coffee shops where you will be able to conduct all your duties. Seven percent of the total population in the city are also working as freelancers.When compared to the large cities in the country, the cost of living in Nashville is relatively low.

The third city which you can consider living in as a freelancer is chain Mai, Thailand.most expats of both US and UK reside in Chiang Mai.In Chiang Mai, you will find so much from graphic designers to freelance SEOs to graphic designers.Contrary to the thoughts of many people where they associate Thailand with beaches as well as Bangkok, Chiang Mai is an exception.

In case you are looking for a place where you could live as a freelancer, then you will need to keep in mind Virginia Beach in Virginia.In case you are willing to have all that is offered here in Chiang Mai but the thought of leaving the country derails you, then Virginia beach is what you are looking for. The average rent as well as cost of living is very low to when compared to other metropolitan areas.No one wouldn’t love to work in a beach when an opportunity present itself.