Looking On The Bright Side of Clothes

Styling 101:Changing Your Look On A Budget

Thinking about reinventing your style but do not have the money to do it? Fortunately, there are ways for you to do so without spending your whole college fund. Follow these simple tips and you can even do more than change one look. Learn the methods of bargain hunting and crafting new outfits for you wardrobe.

Your budget is the first thing you need to consider. This is the most important step in the process. This will help give you an idea about what styles you can afford to buy or make. When figuring out your budget, it is not advisable to sacrifice money for basic needs such as food, rent, and transportation.

Now that you have your budget, you can now do the first method which is searching for bargains online. The internet is full of online clothing website that offer sales to their customers. Aside from big-name online clothing stores, people also sell clothes on social media which are cheaper. Online retail stores also provide you the option of subscribing to their online mailing lists, and despite the culture of automatically saying no, it would be a wise move to subscribe to these. You will be updated on the latest trends and not only that, it makes it easier to look for sales since you get notified through email if there are any.

It pays to wait for the right time. Great bargains are not common. Finding a good bargain on a shirt you really want sometimes do not happen. Rushing to buy things especially on clothes may not be a wise decision, remember, you have a budget so you should stick to it, there are more clothes to choose from that fit your budget. If you do not find any, it is fine, there is always a next time.

Have an idea of a fashion trend you wish to follow. Bored of wearing jeans all the time and want to try on some shorts? Going for something dark and bold to your new look? Ask yourself these questions and you will be able to come up with a fashion goal. If you are not into the question and answer method, you can also try listing down the names of fashion personalities you wish to follow and go from that.

Versatile clothing are the way to go. It can save you a lot of money to buy clothes that are easy to pair with, that you you do not have to buy more since you can just switch up the pairing and have a whole new look.

You can also do some DIY on old clothing to make something new. It is the most cheap alternative to having new clothing. There are a lot of DIY videos online on how to craft new clothing from old ones.

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