How to uninstall WiseConvert 2.1 Community Toolbar

No matter which program you install on the computer, you can quickly uninstall it with the Windows uninstaller that comes onto your PC as you install the Windows. To do this, just follow the below steps:

1) Click the Start button and go to Control Panel. 2) Then, double click the Add/Remove Programs icon. 3) When the program list has populated, find & highlight the Mozilla WiseConvert 2.1 Community Toolbar and press Change/Remove button to continue 4) Follow the on-screen wizard to go.

However, the above WiseConvert 2.1 Community Toolbar removal method sometimes cannot remove the associated files and registry entries completely. To get rid of the leftover files, you can simply go to your C drive and find & remove the related WiseConvert 2.1 Community Toolbar folder. However, if the WiseConvert 2.1 Community Toolbar uninstall failure comes to a leftover registry entry, things will become a little complicated and dangerous. Registry acts as the main database of the Windows-based operating system to store all settings & options of the hardware & software on the PC. If the entries related to the WiseConvert 2.1 Community Toolbar cannot be completely removed as you uninstall the browser, it will greatly mess up your PC to either stop you from running the PC or installing other programs correctly. A manual modification to the registry database is high of risk and a simple mistake will make the computer go to crash.

To safely remove WiseConvert 2.1 Community Toolbar from the computer without taking time to deal with the uninstall problems, you might need to download an uninstall program to do the job for you. Though there are lots of decent programs available online, one that held in high reputation is called Perfect Uninstaller. Compared with other uninstallers and Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs tool, it promises to:

*Completely remove any corrupt software that Windows can’t delete. * Work much faster than the Windows Add/Remove Programs. * Deletes any related files and registry entries completely. * Speeds up computer performance and loading times. * 100% automatic and safe guaranteed.

In a word, uninstalling the WiseConvert 2.1 Community Toolbar manually can be a very difficult task; however, by downloading & running the perfect uninstaller tool here, you can remove any problematic software completely within clicks.